20 October 2017

Energetic lessons: Green Day resource

Download the free Cross curricular project plan on the theme of Energy using CABE’s Green Day resources (Word doc).

Pupils must learn about energy as part of their science lessons. However the topic is broad enough to develop skills associated with many other subject areas too. Among other things, energy can be measured; we can consider its generation; we can lose and conserve it; we can campaign about it; we can look at how it was used in the past and guess how we might use it in the future, and we can use it to creatively inspire us.

Neon sign

Universe of Energy, Walt Disney World © Express Monorail, flickr.com

This cross curricular plan is designed to support teachers in planning a series of lessons for Key Stages 1 or 2, focusing on the theme of energy. The activities help pupils to explore the connections between energy and buildings and spaces. The detail of the suggested activities can be found in the Green Day teacher’s activity kit which is free to order or download.

For more teaching ideas using buildings and places for inspiration, take a look at the Engaging Places teaching resources section.

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