22 November 2017

School buildings from around the world: Green Day resource

By Anna Wexler, Education advisor, CABE | 11 March 2010

Download the free teaching resource: ‘School buildings from around the world’ (PowerPoint, 2.2 mb).

This resource consists of 20 images of school buildings from around the world. It is designed to showcase a variety of styles and designs from different historical periods up to the present day. There are many uses for this resource, applicable for a range of age groups.

Students could be asked to rate the different designs and consider where they would place their current school in the hierarchy. Students could compare the materials used across the different buildings. Older students could consider the properties, including the sustainability, of certain designs.

Image of school and playgrounds

Prospect School, Havant, Hampshire © Dave Morris

Teaching activities: Key stages 2-4
History - Ask your students to compare school buildings from different time periods, thinking about how these relate to general changes in society. For older students, this could be extended to think about how school building design has been led by changes in the way we educate. What do they think the future of education will be and what will a school look like in 2050?

Design and technology -Ask your students to evaluate the different buildings considering their positive and negative features. Are the schools using sustainable materials? Do they make use of green space? Older students could consider what an excellent school would look like, and use CAD to present their designs].

English - These images could form the basis of a speaking and listening discussion. Possible topics include: ‘What makes a good school building?,’ or ‘How important is the design of a school in helping students to learn?’ Alternatively students could present their favourite design from the selection explaining why they like it.

For more ideas about how to engage students in school building design download the 28-page .

Green Day – a climate change event for schools
Use the ‘School buildings from around the world’ PowerPoint resource to help you deliver key activities from the free Green Day teachers’ activity kit available on CABE’s website. You will find it particularly useful to support the topic of ‘Building history’ on page 30.

Green Day takes place from 4 June 2010 to Friday 2 July 2010. .

Disclaimer for images
These images are licensed for use in non profit making organisations only. By using these images you agree to abide by copyright restrictions and use them only in the course of your normal teaching. You also agree to credit the photographer of each image you use. If you want to use any of the images in a different context then permission must be sought from Engaging Places and CABE (in the first instance) and the photographers concerned. Contact: engagingplaces@cabe.org.uk.

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