20 October 2017

Engaging Places and the new National Curriculum

Engaging Places
A new Curriculum Framework for Teaching and Learning in England

Shaping the way we teach

We aim to help teachers understand the impact of changes to content and assessment in subject areas where architecture can be used. To do this we will look at the statutory requirements of the old and the new curriculum, transferring this learning to the resources written for you on Engaging Places.

Engaging Places will support curriculum delivery and assessment by showing how teachers can use architecture and the built environment in their teaching. Experts, experienced with National Curriculum Frameworks, will look at the changes as well as what remains the same in the programmes of study. This way we can ensure that the extensive digital resources for Engaging Places continue to be relevant and that they can inspire structured engagement and learning through architecture and the built environment.

Reaching a new audience

Learning through the architecture, urban design and the open spaces in our towns and cities is a familiar topic in many schools. Many schools have benefited from architecture education work of Open-City and Engaging Places.  There have been wonderful examples of project based and curriculum focused learning through Building Schools for the Future, English Heritage’s Heritage Schools and through cultural education partnerships that schools have fostered in their region. We want to take this further, so that the new curriculum is a real opportunity for more teacher and more schools to take part. The starting point is to support you and show you how this can be done through mathematics and science as well as through non core subjects and whole school initiatives.

Any question: engagingplaces@open-city.org.uk

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