22 November 2017

Teaching Resources on Engaging Places

By Engaging Places | 7 October 2014
The Teaching Resources section here at Engaging Places gives you access to stimulating images, activities, teaching ideas and detailed lesson plans – all of them about helping you to get the most from the one resource that's available everywhere!

Exterior of an unusual curved building covered in silver disks
The Selfridges building in Birmingham. Copyright Wootang01, Flickr.com
Have a look at our extensive range of feature articles which explore all the ways that buildings and places can be linked to a huge diversity of curriculum objectives. Your Perfect House is a recent example, looking at the most familiar building-type of all and exploring how everyday experiences can lead to memorable learning opportunities across subjects including Maths and English.

An entire strand of articles that you’ll find here in Teaching Resources is Architecture in Focus. In these resources we explore individual buildings and places – such as the Turner Contemporary in Margate or 30 St Mary Axe in the City of London – giving you all the background info and teaching ideas that you need to get the most out of these fantastic places.

The exterior of a large modern building on the seafront in Margate
The Turner Contemporary in Margate Copyright Turner Contemporary
Our growing bank of lesson plans offers detailed resources for many different subjects and age groups. You can start exploring what they've got to offer to your teaching here.

We’ve tried to offer you as wide a range of resources as possible here at Engaging Places, but we’ve also explored some areas in particular depth. 

Besides all the resources created by the team at Engaging Places you’ll find a wealth of material contributed by a national network of education and built environment specialists. For an up-to-the-minute example take a look at these resources connecting the exploration of sustainability to a broad range of subjects at Key Stage 2.

You can also search by curriculum subject for exactly the resources to suit you - get started searching here.

A wall of solar panels catching the sunlight
A wall of solar panels catching the sunlight. By Pixor via Flickr CC BY-NC-SA
This is only the beginning of what Engaging Places has to offer you – all the other sections, from News to In Your Area, offer teaching resources of their own and aim to suggest other great ways that you can make use of buildings and places within focused curriculum teaching.

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