20 October 2017

Downloadable key stage 4 Maths lesson plans

By Lorna Maguire
Downloadable key stage 4 Maths lesson plans

Multicoloured, retro ruler.
Multicoloured, retro ruler. Copyright citychiccountrymouse, flickr.com
Download lesson plans:

Two-dimensional shapes
In this lesson students create images of buildings from 2D shapes to develop their skill at handling shapes.

Three-dimensional shapes 1/2

Developing knowledge of 3D shapes using the context of the built environment.

Three-dimensional shapes 2/2

Further work on 3D shapes using the built environment as a stimulu.s

Length and measurement
A comprehensive lesson practicing measurement skills using the physical environment.

Scale drawings

This lesson develops the understanding of scale and the ability to produce scale drawings.

3D shapes from nets
Activities that use nets to represent the shapes of buildings and practice knowledge of 2D and 3D shape.

Scale models

Using buildings to further develop the understanding of nets, shape and scale.

Understanding imperial measures
This lesson develops a sound knowledge of imperial measures.

Metric and imperial

A lesson about converting metric and imperial units of length.

Calculating area 1/2
Students use the built environment as a context for sharpening their skills in the calculation of areas.

Calculating area 2/2

Further work on the calculation of area, linking to calculation of costs.

Calculating volume
A lesson about the calculation of volume using the context of a dam.

Angles, perimeters and areas
Students work on the angles, perimeters and areas of common shapes.

Plotting data

Work on charts and line graphs using the context of a dam and reservoir.

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