Eccles Parish Church

The Parish Church of St Mary the Virgin, Eccles, has stood on the same site for at least 800 years and is therefore the oldest church in the City of Salford. As such, it is attracting an ever-increasing number of visitors who wish to share in a sense of history and also, perhaps, establish some sort of link with the thousands of people from the parish who over eight centuries have worshipped and found solace and comfort within its walls.

The Parish Church has a fascinating story to tell which is well worth following up. Our website will help you to do so by setting out chronologically the changes to the building since Norman times and showing how they fitted into the national picture.

Venue Type:

Heritage site, Sacred space

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Virtual Tour

This is a virtual tour around the architectural features of our historic church. You can spot the medieval masons' marks, the niches designed to house statues that were smashed during the Reformation, memorials, windows, tombs, historic coats of arms, fragments of Anglo-Saxon and medieval crosses, and much more. Pop-up photographs showing different views of the church illustrate the descriptions.

How to obtain

Visit our website and click Parish Church, then Tour.

Eccles Parish Church
Church Road
Greater Manchester
M30 0DL



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