The Engaging Places Network was formed as a group of teachers and cultural education organisations who worked together to create new built environment education projects. Take a look at what they did.

House on top of tall, narrow plinth

Unforgettable lessons: overview

Engaging Places network projects show schools and cultural organisations enhancing the curriculum by working together.

Design inspired by buildings: teaching resources

Activities, resources and links to encourage your students to use the buildings and places around them as a source of design inspiration.

Unforgettable Lessons final report: Bristol Design

Students design a new community development.

Unlocking the past through streets and buildings

Want to try work like this with your class? Try these ideas.

Tales from the Palace

Inspired by stories about Kensington Palace and its inhabitants, year 5 students wrote, performed and directed films breathing new life into the past.

Tower of London

Unforgettable Lessons final report: White Tower impressions

Inspired by conservation work at the Tower of London, students create stunning textile designs.

Unforgettable Lessons final report: Madeley's Stories in Stone

Imaginative designs told the story of students' research into their local area.

Unforgettable Lessons final report: Ercall's Stories in stone

Students' eyes are opened to the history of their local neighbourhood through architecture.

Unforgettable Lessons final report: SPUD youth group

Redesigning urban areas was the subject of this extended schools project.

Unforgettable Lessons final report: People and Places

Investigating a classic building gave these students ideas for changing the places they used everyday.

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