22 November 2017

Diversity of learning opportunities at local architecture centres

By Open-City

Have you heard of architecture and built environment centres? Many provide outstanding, authentic learning experiences on architecture and the general built environment for students and teachers.

There are 23 architecture and built environment centres in the UK, 14 of which form the Architecture and Built Environment Centre (ABEC) Network. The network was established in 2001 and is the development and advocacy body for the architecture centre sector.

Photo of building model created by a child

New media centre model created by a young person at a Bristol Architecture Centre summer school © Bristol Architecture Centre

What is an architecture centre?
An architecture and built environment centre works for the creation of better quality neighbourhoods, buildings and public spaces through:

  • participation: enabling real public engagement in architecture, the built environment and the public realm
  • advocacy: promoting the case for architecture and design of the highest quality
  • education: developing better public understanding of architecture, design and public space.

Most architecture centres offer educational programmes, events and resources for teachers and young people in their home cities and regions. Teachers can draw on a wealth of architectural knowledge and expertise and access amazing buildings and spaces in their local area. As activities are always dependent on strategic agendas, the range of opportunities differs from centre to centre.

Find an architecture and built environment centre near you under the below referenced venues list.

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