Engaging Places

By Engaging Places | 10 october 2014

What is Engaging Places?
Engaging Places is a programme to support teaching and learning through buildings and places. This means learning about the buildings and places in their own right and also using them as a resource to teach other curriculum subjects.

Photo of five female students in grey uniforms, white building.
Students inside the British Museum © Alys Tomlinson

The Engaging Places website provides:

  • a curriculum-focused resources for teachers in England to support, develop and enhance built environment education in primary and secondary schools.
  • inspiration for using builldings and places to teach other curriculum subjects
  • information for teachers to help them access and use high-quality built environment education organisations and resources locally and nationally.

Teachers can use the Engaging Places website to:

  • identify organisations that can assist with learning using buildings and places
  • keep up to date with relevant news and events
  • find resources to help create a thematic curriculum for primary and secondary learners
  • be inspired by the work of other schools
  • share experiences of using buildings and places in teaching and learning
  • access local and national built environment education opportunities
Any question: engagingplaces@open-city.org.uk

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